A dedicated investor specializing in German commercial real estate debt

Albulus is an investment adviser based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, specialising in investments in subperforming and nonperforming commercial real estate loans. The Luxembourg-based Albulus CREDIT fund invests in maturing real estate debt in Germany for institutional investors.

As part of its distressed opportunities strategy, Albulus manages three customized investment mandates on behalf of one international and two German investors, targeting investments in nonperforming real estate loans. Since its establishment in 2011, Albulus has invested EUR 500 million equity capital in 19 successful transactions. The Albulus team has extensive expertise in the acquisition and workout of loans secured by

commercial property in Germany. It is headed by company founder Dr. Ruprecht Hellauer and his longstanding business partners, Dr. Tobias Friedrich and Christoph Schröder. Over the past 15 years, the management team has overseen investments in real estate debt with a nominal value of more than EUR 2 billion, and has managed loan workout with a volume in excess of EUR 1.5 billion.

Value propositions for banks

Equity-preserving reduction of the balance sheet and avoidance of forbearance reporting

The sale of subperforming investment-grade commercial real estate debt to Albulus CREDIT has a number of key benefits to offer banks:

  • Reduction of subperforming or matured loan exposure in an equity-preserving manner enables banks to improve their capital allocation; write-downs can be avoided or existing write-downs reversed by selling close to or at par

  • Rapid and cost-efficient portfolio adjustment and reduction of risk exposure due to established transaction standards

  • Reduction of administrative work for non-strategic borrowers or real estate loans outside core markets

  • Minimisation of reporting requirements prescribed by regulatory bodies
  • No publicly perceived impact

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